The Japanese diet: perfect for losing weight

Traditionally, when one thinks of the people who make up the Japanese people, the image of a venerable old man comes to mind. This is not surprising since, according to the latest population data, Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, at 83.1 years on average. But why is this? According to most experts, the local diet, based on rice, vegetables and fish, has a lot to offer. In addition, because of the components we have already discussed, the Japanese diet is perfect for losing weight and thus for taking care of one's health and, why not say it, one's appearance.

In this sense, it should also be noted that each meal is composed of many dishes but contains small amounts. The first fact that characterizes the Japanese diet and that, in turn, is the main reason why it is so effective for losing weight, is that the food always has to be fresh and the portions reduced. In other words, it is quality that matters, not quantity. Also, the Japanese have a habit of eating slowly and enjoying the moment.

This is certainly a good tactic to control the feeling of food anxiety, and the Japanese completely renounce the consumption of dairy products. They are also not very fond of meat and bread, replacing them with cereals like rice and fish. Similarly, the consumption of fresh fruit is also considered essential. Of course, you can see this for yourself by going to any Japanese restaurant near your home, and it's also worth noting that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the Japanese, and that it includes a variety of dishes that contain everything you need to start your day with energy.

In this sense, proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats are present in foods such as eggs, vegetables, rice, fish soups, etc. All of this is accompanied, of course, by green tea. In short, as you will have seen, the Japanese diet contains everything that, if you have ever gone to a dietician or an endocrinologist to lose weight, you have been recommended to lose weight and look more slender. Plus, you only have to look at the life expectancy of the Japanese and the thin, healthy bodies they wear to understand the benefits of their cuisine.

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