Good & bad cholesterol

Cholesterol. It is a word that can be hated, popularly it has a negative character, but you always have to know how to separate the bad cholesterol and the good cholesterol. Yes, there is a good cholesterol that helps protect the heart and arteries, a beneficial cholesterol that makes us reduce the risks of suffering from coronary diseases and even heart attacks. Cholesterol is a fat that some particles, the lipoproteins, carry in the blood.

The low density lipoproteins (LDL) are known as bad cholesterol, they are the ones that carry the fat to the arteries. On the other hand, high density lipoproteins (HDL), known as good cholesterol, carry the cholesterol to the liver, where it is used or eliminated, removing the bad cholesterol from the artery walls. For this reason, increasing levels of good cholesterol is healthy. The bad cholesterol is deposited on the artery walls forming plaques that harden and over time can obstruct blood circulation, causing coronary problems.

To avoid these obstructions, the good cholesterol must ensure that the bad cholesterol circulates without adhering to the artery walls. This avoids the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Once we know the basis of both cholesterol, we must know how to increase the good cholesterol. On the one hand, we must take into account the concept of healthy living.

Regular physical activity will help us considerably. It is not necessary to do very rough or competitive sports. Walking, running, cycling or swimming regularly will help us. Likewise, a low-fat diet is recommended, mainly avoiding animal fats.

It is also positive to add to our diet foods with minerals such as Zinc, copper, magnesium and selenium and foods rich in vitamin C (fruits and vegetables), vitamin E (nuts) and B vitamins (whole grains), folic acid and niacin. Among the foods with vitamin C, we can highlight the organic orange, richer in vitamin C than other conventional oranges, and if the conventional diet is not sufficient, nutritional supplements can be used, although they should always be indicated by a doctor. Be it in one way or another, remember that we must always be aware of our cholesterol levels and have them checked periodically along with maintaining healthy living habits.

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