3 innovative companies have been awarded in the Basque Country

In a competition organised by the "Community of the Basque Country" and its partners, 3 French companies were awarded prizes: Kometa Technologies, Olaberria and Dab Motors. Each of these companies received the modest sum of 30,000 euros, in the form of personalised monitoring by the ESTIA teams at Bidart (École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées) and subsidies. It should be noted that the results were announced on 11 December and the theme of the competition was "Innovation workshops". The 3 companies mentioned above competed with 24 others and the next edition of the competition is eagerly awaited.

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Kometa Technologies

Founded in April 2018, Kometa Technologies specializes in the production of metal components and the design of coatings. To do so, it uses 2 main technologies:- Arc Spray: this metallization technique is very appreciated to repair a device by reloading metallic components and to manufacture anticorrosive materials;- Cold Spray: this material spraying technology offers the advantages of additive design and material deposition systems.Kometa Technologies has several branded customers (Total, Safran, ...) and its head office is located in Bayonne. During the competition, it presented a new process for recycling copper pieces from used electronic tapes. Kometa Technologies' technicians are passionate about their work and are equipped with high quality tools.

Kometa Technologies' technicians are passionate and have quality tools at their disposal. They respond to customers' requirements and needs by offering them:- optimized, flexible and industrial deployments;- development and research tools, in order to implement the ideal solution;- specifications.


Olaberria was founded in 1984.It is known to be one of the main players in the process of designing and producing moulds for the addition of materials such as silicone and plastic. These moulds are used in various sectors such as health, energy and the automotive industry. As part of the competition, the Olaberria teams improved the precision of the injection and filling process for plastic and silicone using an electric motor-driven device.

With the €30,000 in grants, they hope to speed up this process.

Dab Motors

Dab Motors was also founded in Bayonne (in 2017) and specialises in the customisation of 2-wheeled machines (motorcycles in particular). Simon Dabadie, the owner of the company, sells certified and customized motorcycles. It offers not only the possibility for customers to participate in the creation of the model, but also to follow the different stages of the project.

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